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Save Money… Go Local!

When considering who to go with for your security needs, you will find that you’ll pay less and get better service from a locally based Installation Company. These companies have to meet all the same licensing and regulation requirements as the larger ‘Big-Machine’ type companies.

5 Diamond Certified

We are UL Listed and 5 Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). Being UL listed means that we will be there when you need us and our service will work for you as intended. The 5 Diamond certification means that all our staff have completed extra ‘over and above’ training to provide the best service possible.

Get An Expert… Your Family Deserves It!

The security industry is changing rapidly and now offers a multitude of ways for you to obtain security systems and integrate home automation. One thing that will never change is the benefit of having a qualified security professional design a system that meets your specific needs.

The ‘Internet of Things’

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is changing many aspects of our lives. It’s also changing how you can use your security system. IoT has enabled the consumer to have more connectivity to remotely view and control practically anything in your home or business. Our experienced and professional installing partners can help you get connected to your security control services allowing secure access on the go to the things important in your life.

You have things in your life that are important to you… When you decide to subscribe to an alarm monitoring service for your home or business, you want to feel safe and assured that the things important to you are protected, even when you’re not there. With Loss Prevention Services Inc. and our ever growing family of Alarm Installation Companies, you can rest assured that you and the things that are important to you are protected.

Our Goal

Our goal as an alarm monitoring company is to provide a ‘Smiling Voices’ style of service that is here to help you secure the important parts of your life. Our 24-hour central station is UL Listed and ‘Five Diamond Certified’ by the Central Station Alarm Association.

We provide a multitude of alarm monitoring services including fire, burglar, medical, two-way voice and video monitoring services for tens of thousands of residential and commercial subscribers in the southeastern United States.

We’re a smaller company that cares and can offer detailed service specific to your needs with a smiling voice. Our right arm knows what the left arm is doing! We’re not a mega giant central monitoring service that will treat you like another number.

We are an alarm monitoring service partner to independent installation companies that do not have their own central station. We do not compete with our extensive network of alarm installation companies by selling or installing alarm systems. As a wholesale alarm monitoring service, our services are available to consumers through our network of alarm installation companies. These companies offer a wide variety of services for home and business protection against fire, burglary, duress, medical emergencies and others. Each company is fully licensed where required and governed by strict regulations for the installation and/or service of alarm systems.

Advantages Of Working With Us

The consumer advantages of working with a local alarm installation company instead of a large “big-machine” type company are numerous. The larger security firms are more interested in the bottom line and more times than not are so big that you may get lost in the shuffle and receive a lower quality service…and pay more for it. With a local alarm installation company, you get experts who rely on thorough quality customer care to make their business thrive. You also get people who know you and your needs, and are able to provide the right solution.

When you call Loss Prevention Services Inc. for any reason, you will hear a friendly ‘Smiling Voice’ who is ready to help you.

Whether you are a current customer or if you are considering our services, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and help protect the important things in your life.

GIVE US A CALL 866-527-8725