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Frequently Asked Quetions

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions our staff receives.

Click on a topic below and you will see the provided answer. If a question you have is not listed, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide an answer.

We don’t offer installations or service work. If you would like to have your system monitored by Loss Prevention Services Inc., ask your local installers if they use Loss Prevention Services Inc. for their monitoring service partner and if not, demand that they do!

Account changes should be made in writing. You can email your update request to or you can notify your installing company about the changes and they will notify us. You will need to know your account number and in some cases you will need to provide your password. You can call 800-526-8781 to obtain your account number but remember, you will need to provide your password in order to verify your identity to the operator.

Many municipalities are requiring that you register your alarm system which will give them the ability to manage your false alarms. Some are charging after a given amount of false alarms. They all have different rules and fines. Check your local municipality’s web site or the law enforcement web site to find more info.

You can call 800-526-8781, provide your verbal password and let the operator know that you will be out of town. You can also provide alternate response instructions in your absence. The operator will make a note of your request in the system which will expire upon your expected return.

You need to contact your installing company. If you’re not sure who that is, call 800-526-8781 and an operator will help you.

CALL 800-526-8781 and provide your password and request for your system to be placed on test. This will prevent any false dispatches to your premises. Then arm your system and open a door or window. Allow the siren to sound for at least 30 seconds. Then disarm the system. Once this is complete you can call 800-526-8781 and ask for your test results and request to have your system taken out of test mode.

Things to watch for with motions are pets, balloons, dry cleaning, curtains, blinds; anything that can potentially move when the air system comes on or when fans are on. Also check for insects that may be living close to the motion detector itself. If you are still encountering false alarms, have your installing company come out and check the system.

You may have noticed the UL logo on household products in your home. Underwriters Laboratories is a standards company. They get paid to test consumer products and service to ensure that they meet code and are safe for you to use. Your monitoring service is also a product in your home that you want to be sure will work all the time. As a UL listed central station, we are required to have back up power, back up phone service providers, ample staff, and a very secure building protecting our systems and people. This ensures that we will be able to provide our service through every adverse condition. A UL representative visits our central station on a regular basis to ensure we meet the standards set forth.

YES! Call right away and ask your home insurance provider how you can get a discount if they provide one. Usually, having a monitored fire system as well as a monitored burglar system can save you quite a bit on your insurance. If your provider requires proof, let us or your installer know and we can provide that to you.

Your alarm system may use your phone line to transmit the signal to the monitoring center. Once it’s disarmed it should stop. Use a cell phone to call or wait until the phone line is available. The monitoring center may be trying to call you as well so don’t give up.

There are many different types of alarm systems out there so it’s impossible for us to know which one you have. The most common way to reset the system is to press ‘#’ (pound) or ‘Reset’ then arm the system and disarm it again. If that doesn’t work, contact your installer for help. If you don’t know the number, call us at 800-526-8781 and we can give it to you.

It could mean anything really…impossible for us to know because there are so many alarm systems out there. It may have a word next to it like “Trouble” or “Armed”. Refer to your user manual for help or you can contact your installer. If you don’t know the number, call us at 800-526-8781 and we can give it  to you.

If there is an alarm at your premises, the only way for us to verify your identity on the phone is to have a secret password set up that you choose when your monitoring service is set up. If you don’t know your password…you can call your installer to get help. You should always pick a password that is easy to remember but hard for others to guess.

Unfortunately… no, we don’t have the capability of arming or disarming your system remotely. In truth, you shouldn’t want anyone to be able to as it could compromise your security plan.

It could be that the instructions we received indicated not to call the premises. That’s the usual for signals like “Duress” or “Hold Up”. It could also be that the alarm system was using your phone line to send us signals, and when we tried to call you, we received a busy signal. If you like…you could set up ECV or “Enhanced Call Verification”. In this scenario we would call up to two additional numbers (i.e. your cell phone) before dispatching the authorities.

We can certainly alert the installer as to your needs.  It’s probably faster to contact the installer directly for service needs.

YES! It may disable communications from your alarm system to us. You definitely need to test your alarm system if you have had alternative phone service installed recently to ensure communications are working properly. If they are not, contact your Installer and they will be able to offer alternatives.