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Our Services

As a wholesale alarm monitoring service, our services are available to consumers through our network of alarm installation companies.

These installation companies offer a wide variety of services for home and business protection against Fire, Burglary, Duress, Medical Emergencies and others. Each company is fully licensed where required and governed by strict regulations for the installation and/or service of alarm systems.

Simply stated, we represent our alarm installation companies to the Subscriber as a friendly, caring and helpful extension of their company.

Our operators are trained to provide what we call “Smiling Voices” service to everyone they come in contact with over the phone. We require them to adopt and maintain a positive customer service attitude and closely monitor their activities to insure their performance is consistent with our customer service policies and any special requirements of our dealers.

The consumer advantages of working with a local alarm installation company instead of a large “big-machine” type company are numerous.

The larger security firms are more interested in the bottom line and more times than not are so big that you may get lost in the shuffle and receive a lower quality service…and pay more for it. With a local alarm installation company, you get experts who rely on thorough quality customer care for their business to thrive. You also get people who will know you and your needs, and be able to provide the right solution.

We provide alarm monitoring services primarily for Fire Alarms, Burglar/Intrusion Alarms, Medical Alarms including PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) as well as many others.

We can monitor an extremely diverse amount of conditions in your home or business such as Temperature, Presence of Water, Opening and Closing, Silent Hold Up or Duress, Power Conditions, etc. Our network of installation companies can put a sensor on just about anything.

We also can provide a detailed service based on your personal needs. We are here to serve you and even the smallest details in your customized service can be met.

You can receive text messages or email alerts directly from Loss Prevention Services Inc. immediately notifying you of an alarm condition in your home or business.

This service is extremely useful to receive immediate notification of an alarm in your home or business. You can receive Opening or Closing alerts to know immediately when someone arrives or leaves your home or business. Alarm Text helps reduce costly false dispatch.

Many people will ignore or silence a phone call when they are in an important meeting or the like whereas most people will quickly glance at a text message and be able to excuse themselves to handle an alarm situation.

False Alarm Dispatch has become a severe problem for municipalities. Many municipalities have put False Alarm Ordinances in place whereas an alarm monitoring subscriber can be charged for false alarm dispatches.

Our Enhanced Call Verification means that, in the event of an alarm, we can call the premises as well as up to two additional contacts to attempt to verify if an actual emergency exists or not before we dispatch the authorities. This has been very effective and has reduced false dispatch up to 40%. Some states (in example, Virginia) require ECV.

With ever changing communications standards, we strive to work together with our installation companies to provide a reliable channel of communication from your alarm system to our central station.

Our installation partners can provide cellular, Internet or standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) communications or even a combination of these to provide communications redundancy from your home or business.

Cellular communications protect against line-cut attempts. Cell communicators can also be your connection to many automated ‘Life Style’ services in you home or business enabling you to control lights, locks & thermostats and view cameras in your protected property all through an Internet connection on your smart device or computer.

Loss Prevention Services Inc. can provide video services to enhance the security of your home or business. Video Verification is an added service to alarm monitoring in which we can view video of your home or business in the event of an alarm and relay important information to the authorities based on what is seen.

We can also provide a Video Tour service in which our operators view video based on a schedule and respond accordingly to your customizable needs.

Putting you in the ‘Know’ and putting you in the NOW! Your installer can offer advanced solutions giving you the ability to remotely arm / disarm your system, view cameras and control lights, locks & thermostats with ease via a secure connection from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

If you choose to have a Two Way Voice alarm system installed in your home or business, our operators can have immediate two way communications to your home or business directly through your alarm system.

Two Way Voice is also used with PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) to immediately communicate with someone who may have fallen or have been incapacitated and can’t get to a phone to summon help.

Using the proper Elevator or Point of Rescue emergency equipment, our central station can receive notifications of elevator emergencies and respond via two way voice to alert the occupants that help is on the way.